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Topuslandia. Chapter 3. Csilla (Sold)

Chapter 3

“When you wish upon a star…”

   Csilla advanced slowly, taking one step at a time, while she intently observed the snow in the immense fields, looking for a twinkle in the dark.
   It was cold, and a gelid northern wind gusted on her face, moving the snowflakes up in the air in a whirlwind, forcing her to close her eyes. She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.
   Quick, she thought, it is Christmas Eve, you have to be quick. They count on you. 
   As she took another step forward, pulling her little sleigh behind herself, her attention was caught by a faint glimmer, not far from her foot. She smiled, as she moved closer and recognized the distinctive shape of a star, completely buried in fresh snow, just a tip emerging from that white blanket. Just a tip, but enough to be seen.
   It was not without a reason that she had been chosen as Star Collector for the whole village. It was a big responsibility. A lot of wishes depended on her ability that night.
   She kneeled down and carefully wiped the snow off the star, then took it in her hands and held it for a while, basking in its warmth, transfixed by its beauty. A little thing, indeed, but precious. A little piece of sky, a fragment of heaven, a beacon of hope, fallen on earth on Christmas Eve, to grant a wish to a lucky someone. You twinkle, little star, Csilla thought, I admired and longed for you as I was a little mouse, dreaming of touching you, and here I am, holding you. Do not worry, you are safe with me.
   One star, one wish. One star, one little mouse would be happy and content on the following day. One star and joy would visit a house on Christmas. One star and one dream would come true. And Csilla had to make sure that everyone in the village could have a chance to realise their dreams. She carefully tucked the star in her sleigh, and casting a resolute look to the vast field she walked on with a smile...

      Copyright (c) 2014 Carlo Galli

  Csilla e' la mia prima topolina della collezione "Topuslandia" con i vestiti "veri", cuciti e fatti ad uncinetto. Prima li modellavo con la pasta. Anche la testa e il muso sono diversi. Csilla (ungherese "stella") e' solo di 3,5 cm di altezza! Tutta la composizione e' 100% handmade. OOAK, venduto.

   Чилла - первая мышка из моей коллекции "Topuslandia" ("Мышиный остров"), у которой вся одежда сшита и связана вручную. У предыдущих товарищей все было слеплено из самозастывающей глины. Чилла (венг. "звезда") ростиком всего лишь 3,5 см (а ее вязаные варежки 0,5 см!). Как обычно полностью ручная работа, единственный экземпляр, продано!

Un abbraccio,

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  1. Привет Аня!
    Очень трогательный рассказ. У вас с мужем хорошо получается! Создайте книжку с маленькими новеллами и фотографиями твоих жителей! Мне кажется, такая книжка будет интересна и детям, и взрослым.
    О твоей работе ничего нового сказать не могу! Просто потрясающе!

    1. Привет Таня! Спасибо большое! Задумка о книге есть, посмотрим, как дальше пойдет с персонажами:)

  2. Oh Anna, you and your husband are such a creative couple, how very special and so lovely. I absolutely love the story of this little mouse, who found a star on Christmas Eve in the big, white's beautiful!! You can make much more stories for a childrens book, illustrated with pictures of your special miniature work, Anna.
    This story and the wonderful pictures made my (dark and rainy) Sunday bright :D! Thank you for sharing.
    I wish you all a nice weekend and week ahead.
    Un abbraccio, Ilona

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Ilona! I'm so happy you liked the story! I thought about creating a book too:) I need to make more mice and other creatures:)))
      Have a beautiful weekend too!
      Many hugs


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